Mobile And Sprint Merger Could Affect You

Sprint's had a rocky few years. Sprint Direct2You” brings the same store experience into a customer's home or office. To fix this particular problem, the company should make this roaming option and all other additions to sprint plans possible online. Wireless networks will typically want you to have your account or device information ready before being connected to a live representative.

We can't help you if you're looking for Verizon Wireless to improve its coverage or service, or if you'd like them to carry more up-to-date devices (trust us, we'd like that too), but if you do run into issues with their customer service, we can help.

In early September 2009, I was astounded by a bill that was way over what I knew it shouldn't have been, because of my 1,000 free minutes that I had not used up. I called, and the conversation with the customer service representative ended up in him laughing at me, because he said my 12 months had passed, but I still had minutes that I could not use.

I started at Sprint as a call center rep and was later promoted to customer service trainer. This compared with the 55% percent of T-Mobile and 60% of Verizon ( VZ ) customers who were similarly satisfied. Sometimes you have to speak to angry people but that is just the nature of customer service.

Right now, the whole wireless industry is racing to deploy a next-generation data technology called 5G. Expect to hear a lot about 5G in the coming weeks as this deal moves forward. J.D. Power surveyed 9,994 customers who contacted their carrier's customer-care department within the past three months to compile the two studies.

The woman at Sprint customer service” responded by yelling Sir, we are not a travel agent”, and then hung up on me. So today I called Sprint customer service, the number printed on the back of the phone card. I was told I had to take up upon myself to call the insurance company and see if they would add my insurance and back date to the date my services was cancelled.

Low turnover means that people have a greater knowledge of your business and can Sprint handle issues better for customers. I didn't find out until today when my phone was broken and I called the insurance company that when they previously cancelled my service. Let's see… Sprint has 54 million customers according to the the complete stories I read, and they've cut off 1,000 troublesome customers.

My complaint is not with the actual store that we purchased our phones and plans at. Sprint's low-priced unlimited data plan takes care of the former, while a clearly organized online support site and courteous staff look to address the latter. Until the line on this chart takes a real dive due to customer churn and lost contracts, Sprint's CEO will have a job no matter what the company does to its customers.

I explained I had done no such thing, whereupon he transferred me to another representative, who also told me I had terminated my account and switched to AT&T. The girl talked me into an Iphone6 and said it was only $120.00. She did not tell me it was a lease but instead a special offer for established customers.

On both prepaid and postpaid plans, all domestic calls are billed as local calls regardless of distance. We're happy now, but six years ago we almost fired Sprint due to dropped calls, billing problems and limited support for newer smartphones. Time off the phones effected your efficiency and the restrooms were way in the back of the center.

When my wife and I did relief work in the Red Cross shelters in Lake Charles, LA, in the aftermath of Katrina, we let hurricane survivors use our Sprint mobile phones to make hundreds of calls throughout the course of the first week. Sprint sent me boxes to return my old devices after sending me my upgraded phones.

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